Once Upon a Time & Frozen parallel

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-So ,what went on between us..

-Was real. Yes. My feelings for you were, ARE real.

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ron weasley + dictionary

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"My feelings for you were…are real."

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LeRoy being… LeRoy in 4x01 “A tale of two sisters”

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" I know this is all complicated, but you can have happiness.
 Henry brought me to Storybrooke to bring bach the happy endings.My job is not done till i do that for everyone, including you.

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"It turned me into a monster, obsessed with power, when all i really needed was you, yor love. And now through Belle there is love in my life again. And once more, i ‘ve started it with a lie. She thinks she has the real dagger, i only lied to her in order to avenge your death. And now that i’ve done so i really need the stenght to give it back, be that man i should be, the man you died for. And i pledge, Baelfire , i will be that man.

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Once upon a time 4x01 “A tale of two sisters”: Queen Elsa

"A kingdom of isolation and ti looks like I am the Queen.."

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